New technologies - New possibilities

We are a team of people believing in the enormous potential of nanotechnology. Our innovative attitude to the use of photocatalysis offers new possibilities in solving current civilisation problems.

In Smartcoatings, we focus on research and development of smart technologies and use its features to improve the environment we live in.


Our team of experts

We have built our development and implementation team out of the biggest professionals in the field so that we can transform our knowledge into meaningful results. We believe that these new solutions present a great opportunity for business and industrial use with a clear perspective and return on investment.

Nanotechnologies work! - We have verified results

We bring all functional solutions to the phase of patent protection. We trust our systems as much as to guarantee their features and prove the results of testing and practical experience.



We want to grow!

Our team is currently looking for partners for further development and cooperation around the world. Are you a company in the field of chemical technology production, or are you looking for opportunities for promising investments? We are ready to present all our solutions in detail.



Do you want  to know more about our activities?

Currently we are testing self-cleaning antibacterial and viricidal coatings and textiles. We are developing a self-cooling coating system that can use photocatalysis to cool treated surfaces and much more. Look at the details.